I work as a full time Learning Technologist at Falmouth University where I am also a part-time research student.  I love games! Boardgames, computer games, party games – dice-based, deck-building, race games it’s hard to pick a favourite! Therefore I consider myself very lucky to have the opportunity to research how game mechanics can be incorporated successfully into resources for Creative Arts students.

I am also interested in ideas surrounding digital citizenship and how we educate students on the existence of their digital footprint and the impact a positive digital identity can have on their lives outside of college / uni’.

Outside of my passion for games and my work I also make textile based crafts (knitting, spinning, patchwork), enjoy gardening, hiking, wild food foraging and am  somewhat of a bookworm! I don’t quite understand the concept of ‘bored’ and am trying to make peace with the fact I can’t possibly do everything I’m interested in right now!

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